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Fashion of Tier 3


Lily from Germany sporting a very cozy looking style!

"I love the outfit because it was perfect for Fall, not too cold not too warm. It also looks really classy but is comfortable at the same time, which just makes me wear it so often. In addition to that it reminds of my vacation in Paris because I bought for that occasion!"

Sweater,Tights and Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Bershka 


Allisa from Costa Rica giving off a very elegant and stunning fashion eye! I absolutely adore the Trousers especially.

"I love it because it is very comfortable"

Coat and Glasses: Bershka 

T-shirt: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Stradivarius

Pants: Zara


Micheel from Mexico showing us her stylish cozy attire! I love the confidence radiating from this photo!

"I like this outfit because it is very comfortable and it is also simple."

Jeans: Shasa Jeans

T-shirt: Bad Bunny merch 


A beautiful fit check by Karolina from Poland! This looks so cozy I love that jacket!

"One of my favourite outfits Very comfortable and classic (besides, I love all plaid clothes haha)"

Jacket & Pants: House

Shirt: Stradivarius


A spectacularly elegant look by Olympe from France! The zebra dress!!! Wowee!

"I really like this outfit because it stands out from the rest. I've always loved long coats, this one and my favorite (a sherlock style)"

Zebra dress & Coat: Don't call me Jennyfer (D.C.M)

Jacket underneath the coat: Gémo 


An incredibly put together outfit by Chloe from England! Brilliant fashion eye!

"this outfit is extremely comfortable "

Cardigan & Sweatpants: Hollister

Top: Nasty Gal


What a stunning vibrant outfit by Flor from Argentina! I am in love with the colour of the dress!

"I wore this outfit at a prom, it's my favorite! I love the color and the shiny stones! this dress makes me feel very comfortable and cute"

Dress: Clorinda Boutique 

Accessories: Flower_accesorios


Such a festive outfit by Cathy from France!

"I love Christmas very much, it's one of my favorite holidays because the whole family comes together at this time and there is nothing more precious than family."

Sweater: Camaieu

Skirt: Bobon21

Tights: Primark

Earrings & barrettes: Claires 


Such a cozy and free vibe from this outfit by Ash from Australia I love it!

"I love the outfit coz it was the outfit I had my very first zoom call with Aidan in"

Shirt: Dotti

Pants: Lorna Jane


This dress is so beautiful and gives off such a warm vibe! Lovely fashion fit check by Rebecca from Mexico!

"I loved my outfit because I love dresses a lot and more if it's winter, that dress is like the 80's or 90's"

Dress: C&A

Boots: Xti 


A beautiful family festive photo sent in by Sarah from America!

"The reason I love these outfits is because it gives a feeling of happiness because it reminds me of my favorite holiday (Christmas) and reminds me of the times I spend with family and friends!"

Outfits from: Factory Connect


A stunning floral dress worn by Sonia from El Salvador!

"I love my outfit very much because it is for all kinds of special occasions, such as all kinds of festivities, whether they are outings with family or friends, also for any type of party or work and school meetings, it is very comfortable and very special for me. . I also accompany it with a small white pearl headband along with the shoes. I like the hairstyle because it is simple and very comfortable."

Brand: Lexington Lavenue 


Nastya from Russia shows us the perfect mix between comfortable and classy!

" I love it, bc it looks so cute and pretty, feels very warm and cozy, immersing you immediately as soon as you put these things on in a winter, Christmas atmosphere"

Sweater: Zarina

Headband: magnit cosmetics 

That Concludes this months T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Hope you all had happy holidays!

Stay tuned for next months!

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