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Fashion of Tier 3


Catalina from Chile 

"It is quite comfortable and pretty clothing, combining colours is fun, it is kept in three

shades: Beach blue (Pants) Beige (Sweater) and white (crop top and shoes)

Jeans: Paris

Sweater and Top: Fashion Park

Shoes: Nike Air Force one


Karolina from Poland

"this is one of my holiday outfits when I go out with friends for example I like it because it's comfortable and elegant (although when it's hot, a black top is not the best idea haha)"

Shirt: House Brand

Shorts: Second Hand


Layla from the United Kingdom

"I loved this outfit because it matched the blue and white buildings around the marina , and was a cooling outfit to wear in the 30° heat . Plus I wore my favorite sandals, which have tiny lemon jewels embellished."

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Spanish Market

Sandals: River Island


Lucia from Peru

"Here in Peru there are times when the sun rises but with a lot of wind, that's why I like to wear a thin coat and a short-sleeved polo shirt."

Shirt: Marduck

Coat: Oechsle


Lisa from Italy

"when i saw this dress i immediately fall in love, i found it very elegant for every occasion and i feel so comfy on it. it is also very light and perfect for the summer and the hot season!"

Outfit: H&M


Sonia from El Salvador 

"I love my outfit because it is very comfortable to go on vacation to tourist places, to the beach and to party events, I can wear it with my hair down, it is very refreshing and it is not hot, I almost always wear it when I am in hot places."

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Trousers: Flying Monkeys

Shoes: Nike


Nohemy from El Salvador

"It's my favorite outfit because it gives me a lot of nice summer vibes, it makes me feel comfortable and pretty


Rebecca from Mexico City

"I loved my green dress because it combines well for a night party where I dance with my friends"

Dress: Candya

Heels: Joza shoes Collection


Galilea from America

"I love this outfit because makes me feel so nice, and I always wanted to wear a top of this style with my favorite handbag:)"

Top: Shein

Jeans: Kendall+Kylie

Shoes: Ross

Bag: Kurt Geiger


Nastya from Russia

"I love it,bc this outfit is so light and elegant! Besides the fact that it is incredibly comfortable and the clothes are made of a very pleasant material, you will not be hot in this outfit in warm weather, while you will look just amazing! An elegant and delicate suit using only classic colors (black and white) creates an incredibly harmonious composition! It is so easy to feel like a real lady in it)"

Skirt: Chocolate Showroom

Shirt and Earrings: Aliexpress

Sandals: Monroe

Wow! Incredible style from everyone!

That Concludes this months issue of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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