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Fashion of Tier 3


Angie from Ukraine looking super chic! Love the dress!

"Really love this dress and how it can be fancy and simple at the same time"

Dress: Fervente


The Wonderful Rebecca from Mexico is back with more stellar fashion!

"I love my blouse because it feels comfortable and more for the hot seasons, formal clothes"

Blouse: United Colors of Benetton

Pants: OGGI


Absolutely ADORE this outfit sent in by Cathy from France! The tights are amazing!

"One of my outfits that I like to wear. The firefly glows in the dark and I love it even more."

T-shirt: Qwertee (These are limited prints that only stay for a few days, it always changes.)

Shorts: Pimkie

Tights: Gifi


Nastya from Russia blessing us once again with a brilliant fit check!

"I love it, bc this outfit is just incredibly adorable! It immediately reminds me of you, Suns! About my fav lemon family! In addition to the fact that it’s bright and summery, this outfit is also very comfortable, and the quality of the fabric is very pleasant to the body, + it’s quite dense and doesn’t shine through) You can safely walk and relax in it on sunny, warm days) You won’t hot in it in the heat, while you’ll look incredibly stylish!"

Outfit: Clan Vi


Sonia from El Salvador with another cozy and fun style!

"I love my outfit because it is very comfortable to go to the beach, or to go out to various tourist places, I can wear it with my hair down and sunglasses, well I almost always wear it when I go out with my family to different places."

Shirt: Y&M



Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 00.54.45.png

Sof from Mexico sporting a very cool outfit! love the shirt!

"I liked the outfit since blue is one of my favorite colors and I think it looks aesthetically good, besides that it is very comfortable"

Shirt & Pants: Shasa

Shoes: Adidas


I love the vibrant colours of this outfit! absolutely stunning fit check sent in by Lis from Italy!

"i have a big love for blue, so i bought the jacket and the pants for a special event i went to and i totally fell in love. i also love the contrast of the color with the nature"

Jacket: Terranova

Shirt: Alcott

Pants: Upim

That Concludes this months issue of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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