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Fashion of Tier 3


Lis from Italy sporting an adorable shirt design! Love it!

"so this outfit is really special for me because I created this shirt with my own design and i’m so proud of myself for this"

Pants: Louis Tomlinson Merch

White Shirt: Amazon


Loving this fitcheck sent in by Sonia from El Salvador! This photo just radiates a joyful vibe!

"I really love my outfit because It was the one I wore when I turned 18, it's very comfortable and very special to me. I also wear a small headband to go with it. I like the hairstyle because it is simple and very comfortable.

Shirt: Project Runway

Trousers: Clockhouse

Shoes: Nike


Such beautiful and elegant style by Maéva from France! Absolutely love this outfit and wonderful message! 

"Businesswoman outfit, as I call it, I love suits ! The pastel colors and the high-waisted pants and elephant pasta with vintage checks and very spring-like ! This is an outfit that I wear daily to work. PIMKIE brand makes its clothes from 30% recycled fibers, which is one of the reasons why I buy from them."

Blazer, shirt and trousers: Pimkie

Shoes: Chaussea


The Wonderfully fashionable Nastya from Russia sent in 2 adorable Fit checks this month! I particularly love the headband!

"I love this outfit bc it looks very stylish, echoes of the grunge style are combined here with a cute accessory, which gives the image a special charm. Looks a little cheeky but damn cute"

Shirt: Aliexpress

Headband: MagnitCosmetics 


This outfit is adorable Nastya! Pink really suits you well!

"I love this one bc it looks SO cute! I rarely (never) wear pink things, but this blouse just won my heart <3 Nice quality material, beautiful pink shade of fabric, long flared sleeves and cute heart buttons create a magnificent, charming look and feel incredibly comfortable"

Blouse: German Lichi 


Rebecca from Mexico sent in a super cool outfit this month! looks PERFECT for a concert!

Shirt: Gold (Bought at billie's Concert)

Jeans: Oggi Red Div

Shoes: Mona


Sof from Mexico looking super cute in this fit! Love the pink skirt! 

"Hi lemons! I want to show u my favorite outfit of these days I like it because pink is one of my favorite colors and I feel that it goes well with various things."

T-shirt and Skirt: Sasha

Glasses: Mini so

Lastly we have the SPECTACULAR Molly ( Who is also a brand new MOD!) who is once again sharing with us some brilliant fashion and a wonderful message! Thank you so much for your endless kindness and inspirational words Molly! we appreciate it so much.


"In recent years, the fashion industry has come under scrutiny for its negative impact on the environment. Fast fashion, characterized by cheaply made clothes that are quickly discarded, has a significant environmental impact due to its high production volume, excessive waste, and exploitation of labor. Clothing rental subscriptions encourage consumers to rent clothes for a limited period of time, reducing the demand for fast fashion and minimizing the need for frequent purchases of new clothes. Imagine a closet of extremely well made clothes designed to last decades that a group of people all share. Since I work in the fashion industry, I am required to have a fantastic new fit every week, so this option works well for me."

  1. Extending the Lifespan of Clothes: Clothing rental subscriptions (Or one time rentals) allow consumers to rent and wear clothes for a specific occasion or period of time, such as a wedding, party, or vacation, without needing to purchase new clothes that may only be worn once or twice, This helps extend the lifespan of clothes, reducing the overall consumption of clothing and reducing waste.

  2. Encouraging Quality over Quantity: Clothing rental subscriptions typically offer high-quality, designer clothes that may be too expensive to purchase outright. This encourages consumers to choose quality over quantity and opt for well-made clothes that can be rented and worn multiple times, rather than buying cheaper, low-quality clothes that may not last long and end up in landfills. 

  3. Reducing Clothing Waste: They also usually handle cleaning and maintenance of rented clothes, ensuring that clothes are kept in good condition and can be rented by multiple customers before being retired. This helps reduce clothing waste, as clothes are reused and circulated among different customers, extending their lifespan and reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

  4. Supporting Circular Economy: Clothing rentals operate on a circular economy model, where clothes are rented, worn, and returned, then rented out to other customers. This promotes a more sustainable and circular approach to fashion, where resources are used more efficiently, and clothes are kept in circulation for longer periods, reducing the need for constant production of new clothes.

  5. Creating Awareness and Consciousness: Promoting the idea of conscious consumption and encourage consumers to think about their fashion choices and their environmental impact. This helps raise awareness about the environmental and social issues related to the fashion industry and encourages consumers to make more sustainable choices in their fashion consumption habits.

"Overall, clothing rental subscriptions can be a sustainable option for fashion-conscious consumers, offering a way to enjoy new clothes without contributing to the negative environmental impact of fast fashion. By promoting a circular economy, extending the lifespan of clothes, reducing waste, and encouraging conscious consumption, clothing rental subscriptions can help promote more sustainable shopping habits in the fashion industry. "

That Concludes this months issue of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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