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Fashion of Tier 3


Lorena from Brazil Looking super stylish in this brilliantly put together outfit! I love love LOVE those trousers!

Shirt and cargo pants: Pull&bear

Gilet: Tally weijl

Shoes: Converse


Nastya from Russia once again blesses our eyes with some peak fashion sense! Every outfit she has sent in has been gorgeous and this is no exception! Brilliant fashion eye!

"I love it, bc this outfit is so light and summery, very beautiful. It won't get too hot in warm weather and as you can see it's great for a photo shoot with beautiful blooming flowers!"

T-shirt and shorts: AliExpress

Belt: Bershka


May I be the first to say WOW! What a beautiful photo and outfit sent in by Lisa from Italy! Absolutely stunning!

"i love this outfit because I never got to wear clothes because I'm too shy, but I loved it so much that I conquered that little fear"

Dress: ovs

Crown: Shein


The wonderful Rebecca from Mexico is once again gracing us with brilliant fit checks! love the colours in this outfit! very chic!

"​​I love the lilac blouse because it looks very formal, just like the platform shoes"

Shirt: Shasa

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Converse


Olympe from France with a brilliant lemon cult sweater I love that! 

"This is probably my new favorite outfit for going out, especially the lemon squad sweater that I use a lot during this period."

Coat: Promod French brand of women's ready-to-wear.

Sweater: created on Vistaprint

Umbrella academy beanie: Amazon


The wonderful Jiony from Italy looking very sophisticated!

"I chose this outfit because I love office jackets"

jacket: H&M

t-shirt: Zara

Jeans: Sisley

Last but certainly not least, we have the amazing Molly from Portland who's entry is truly inspiring and brilliant! Molly sent in some wonderful clothing items from a local resell store in Portland and shares with us her message as to why resell stores are so important! Thank you so much Molly for your kind heart and amazing words! we love you!

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 22.14.50.png
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 22.15.37.png
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 22.15.12.png

"Sustainable clothing shopping is becoming increasingly important as we strive to reduce our environmental impact and make more ethical choices. One way to do this is by shopping at resale shops, which offer a variety of pre-owned clothing items that can be re-purposed and reused. 

Shopping at resale shops has numerous benefits for the environment and for shoppers. By purchasing pre-owned clothing, you are reducing the demand for new clothes to be produced, which can help to reduce the amount of textile waste generated each year, not to mention the reduction of wasteful packaging materials and less transportation costs. In addition, resale shopping allows you to support local businesses and charities, as many resale shops are operated by non-profit organizations or small businesses.

Another benefit of resale shopping is that it can be more affordable than purchasing new clothes. Many resale shops offer high-quality clothing items at a fraction of the cost of new clothes, allowing you to save money while still looking stylish. Most shops are wanting to offer the same large variety and depth that a big box store would, so should you need a very specific item, they probably have not just one option but multiple to choose from."

  1. Look for high-quality items: Resale shops often have clothing items that are in great condition, but it's important to inspect items carefully before purchasing to ensure that they are not damaged or worn out. Most stores have items that are even brand new!

  2. Know what you are looking for: Before you start shopping, make a list of the clothing items that you need or want. This will help you focus your search and prevent you from buying items that you don't need.

  3. Visit different shops: Resale shops can vary greatly in terms of the types of items they offer and their pricing. Visiting multiple shops can help you find the best deals and the most unique items. I found some that deal exclusively in professional work attire, while others offered bohemian aesthetics that would work well in at a music festival.

  4. Try things on: Clothing sizes can vary widely brand to brand, especially in pre-owned clothing. Trying on items before purchasing can help you ensure a proper fit and prevent you from wasting money on items that don't fit well.

  5. Consider alterations: If you find an item that you love but it doesn't fit perfectly, consider whether it can be altered to fit. Many resale shops offer alteration services or can recommend local tailors. I have a gorgeous designer shirt that would have retailed for well over $700 that I obtained for less than $40 and all I had to do was hand sew a loose seam!

"Shopping at resale shops is a great way to practice sustainable clothing shopping while also supporting local businesses and charities! While visiting one you can even look into their trade/buying options, so you can even earn cash or trade in your gently used pieces you no longer wear for an updated wardrobe for yourself!"

That Concludes this months issue of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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