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Fashion of Tier 3


Nastya from Russia shows off an outfit that I absolutely adore!

The pants especially really catch the eye!

"I love it, bc this outfit looks very stylish, evokes a grunge vibe (?), looking at it, you just want to quickly grab a hot coffee and watch some old atmospheric movie or listen to something from Nirvana or Foo Fighters!"

Clothing from: Bershka 


Chloe from England with a MUY chic fit check!

"this outside is just an easy stylish outfit"

necklace: official billie eilish store 

top: h&m 

trousers: hollister


What a beautiful dress! a lot of valentines vibes! Thank you for sending your fit check in Sonia from El Salvador/Berlin Usulután

"I love my outfit very much because it is for every kind of special occasions, like festivities, important events, also for any kind of parties or work and school meetings, it is very comfortable and very special for me, I also wear it with a small white pearl headband together with heels, I like the hairstyle because it is simple and very comfortable."

Dress: Eva Longoria

Shoes: Menitas


Layla from England has got me falling in Love with this beautiful outfit! especially the jacket! Looks so cozy!

"I love this outfit because it’s so comfortable and warm (and doesn’t break dress code for sixth form haha)"

Coat: Rino and Pelle

Jumper: Next

Skirt & boots:H&M


Olympe from France shows off her amazingly themed casual attire!

"it's my favorite sweater from the Umbrella Academy series (I really like that five silks hidden behind the umbrella give it a mysterious side"

Sweater: Amazon

Trousers: Kookaï 


Cathy from France looking fashionably adorable! Love the dress!

"I really liked wearing this dress because it is soft, simple and original!"

Dress: Liz Lisa


Jane from Italy once again with a beautifully elegant fit check!

absolutely stunning outfit.

"I like this outfit because I think it's quite unique."

Bodysuit: No brand

Jacket: Susymix

Trousers: Supose


The Lovely Angelina from Ukraine looking incredibly Chic!

"This is probably my new favourite outfit and I love everything about it—its colours,material and style.

Sweater is made of eco friendly cloth-very soft and warm.

Black and white stripes all over it was what actually attracted my attention in the store and I really love it"

Sweater: Natural

Pants: Nalilu


An adorable stylish and almost professional fit check sent in by Rebecca from Mexico! Love the Colours! 

Jacket: Stradivarius

Dress: Different

Cap: Miniso


Camila from Mexico shares with us a brilliant outfit of clothings mainly found from second hand stores!

"This is one of my favorite outfits because almost everything is second-hand! I love it because you save money, you help reduce your carbon footprint, and you can create your own styles. The only thing that is new is the Blazer"

Blazer: Sahara-women


A Trendy and awesome fit check sent in by Catalina from Chile!

"I love this outfit because I think it adapts to any occasion, whether it's a date, an outing or just for dressing. apart from that it's quite comfortable and to my taste its very pretty!"

Sweatshirt: Fashion Park

T-shirt: H&M

Pants: Paris

Shoes: Vans

That Concludes this months issue of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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