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Fashion of Tier 3


Nastya from Russia looking absolutely stunning in this cozy fall outfit! 

"I like it really much bc it looks and feels so cozy, warm and has an autumnal, light vibe".

Jeans: showroom 

Jacket: Pull&bear

Bag: Wildberries


Allisa from Costa Rica with a very mature and professional fashion eye!

"I like this style because it is comfortable and elegant at the same time."

Jacket & Skirt: Zara

Shirt: Bershka 

Shoes: Converse


Wilmarie from Puerto Rico sporting a very cooling outfit perfect for those hot summer days. ( summer lovin, had me a blast).

"I normally use this outfit to be around the house, because it is very comfortable and fresh. I'm from Puerto Rico and it's hot here all year round."

Shirt: No Boundaries

Shorts: Boom Boom Jeans


Angelina from Ukraine sporting her favourite pink sweater. (It looks so cozy!).

"Why I love it is because it’s really comfortable and soft inside,I can wear it with different types of sport pants or leggings,trainers or sneakers.But the most important is that it improves my mood and makes each photo brighter"

Bought in Mukachevo.

Brand: Crep.


Gio from Portugal showing off her amazing style! love this fit !

"I love this outfit because it gives me 80s vibes when we wear something we like we feel comfortable and that directly affects our personality because we open up more."

Jeans: Zara

Shirt: Primark


Rebecca from Mexico showing us her adorably chic fashion eye! I love how the boots match the jacket!

"I love my outfit because it suits me, its my favourite colour and what matters to me is that it suits my personality. Purple transmits calmness, generosity and affection to the people I love."

Jacket: Stradivarius 

Jeans: Oggi 

Boots: Mooel 


Addi from America giving us a very cozy looking night time fit check!

"This outfit is legit my favorite the sweater is so incredibly soft and light enough so you can wear it in the summer. the jeans are a loose fit ankle cut and look really good with white sneakers and the bag has two attached to it so it’s super easy to keep everything organized! I ended up going to a concert that night and it’s an outfit that’s fancy enough for dinner and a concert but also good to wear to school or just for walking around!"

Sweater and Jeans: Pacsun 

Bag: Louis Vuitton


Kaela from America shows us elegance with her outfit

"I love this outfit because not only do the pieces hold meaning, but it’s a very simple, yet elegant/classy look". 

I got this dress from my cousin, who got it for me for an autumn dance at my school! The pearls are from my mother.


Lisa from Italy giving us a fancy autumn look with her outfit

"I really love this outfit because for me it is a demonstration of what I have managed to become, I was always hiding and many times I was shy towards myself! For me this outfit is a victory and shows great hope on my future".

Outfit: Shein


Cathy from France showing us her style with this outfit

"I really like this outfit because it stands out from the rest. I never liked to dress like everyone else. Today I'm a little more flexible, but I like the authenticity".

Tie: Punk rave

Top: Punk rave

Skirt with pants: Punk rave

Boots: Chaussea


Chloe from Great Britain showing us her comfy cute outfit!

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M


Sonia from El Salvador with a really elegant and professional outfit!

"I really like my outfit because it is for all kinds of special occasions, like festivities of all kinds, be it work, school, or meetings, and it can also be used for performances and school dramatizations, etc. It is also very comfortable and very special for me, along with With the shoes, I like the hairstyle because it is simple and very comfortable".

Outfit: Metro

Shoes: ADOC


Fati from Perú and her outfit that will rock you!

"I like this outfit a lot because I feel quite comfortable, pretty and I love QUEEN, I like how it looks on me".

T-shirt: Official QUEEN merch

Pants: Bershka


Karen from México sporting a confy outfit!

"This is my favorite outfit, because with it I can feel comfortable to do any activity after having a little tired day. Also, because it reminds me that the cold of Christmas is near"

Hoddie: Óptima cotton

Jeans: Cuidado con el perro


Layla from Great Britain showing us a lemoncult casual outfit!

"I love this jumper because I found it in a thrift shop and the lemons always reminds me of my T3 family so makes me very happy".

Jumper: Second hand

Jeans: H&M


Sofía from México showing us a fancy casual outfit!

"I liked this outfit because it goes very well with my style, besides that it is very comfortable and fits".

Jeans: Shein

Blouse: H&M


Nastya from Ukraine showing us a  comfy outfit for winter!

"I chose this outfit because it seemed cute to me, but also this outfit is very comfortable and soft, this suit reminds me of a white cat".

Outfit: Tomika


Bailey from America sporting a very Cozy look!

"I like this outfit mainly because it’s easy to put together."

Shirt & Jeans from: Target

Shoes: Converse


Ophely from Canada presenting a very uniquely brilliant style!

"I love this outfit because it’s made only with second hands clothes wich I adore because clothing industries are very polluting and thrifted clothes are just so much prettier to me !! I also really love this outfit because it’s absolutely Stylish and Gorgeous"

Outfit: Second Hand

Original Brands/Stores-

Dress: Shein

Tie: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Jack&Jones

That Concludes the first month of the T3 Fashion Magazine! 

Stay tuned for next months!

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